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Welcome! As someone who is looking for extra support on mental and behavioral health for yourself or your child, the amount of information out there can be overwhelming.

You need a starting point in obtaining the appropriate level of services for your child, which is where we come in.

Our program: The Pediatric Psychiatry Collaborative (PPC) was created to help families and children to connect with the necessary mental and behavioral health services in their communities and to offer a solution to the long wait lists that are so common for these services.

Our team of trained and licensed clinicians, mental health specialists, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists collaborate with over 700 pediatricians throughout the state of New Jersey in order to screen for any early signs of anxiety, depression, suicidality, and a range of other problems that may be afflicting your children. If any concerns are raised, or even by family request, the pediatrician will connect you and your child to their local PPC location (or Hub as we like to call them).

Through a brief phone assessment, our team will help determine the appropriate level of interventions that may be necessary and work with you to connect you to those services.

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New Jersey Pediatric Telepsychiatry Initiative (NJPTI)

What we now offer are options for these services through telemedicine. From the comfort of your home, or back at your pediatrician office, we can provide you with services including a behavioral health consultation up to a psychiatric evaluation.*

Below are 2 links that provide an introduction to how telehealth is offered in the current program as an alternative to in-person evaluations :

Click Here for the English version.

Click Here for the Spanish version with subtitles.

The PPC does not maintain long term treatment for your child, instead we will work with you and your pediatrician to appropriately provide psychological consultation and ensure that your family is offered every opportunity to be connected with long term resources.

How to get connected?

Provide the PPC information to your pediatricians if they are not already registered, and we can register them with our program today (at no extra cost to them or you).**

*Please note that psychiatric evaluations and medication are not guaranteed. The level of care provided will be determined at the discretion of the PPC team.

**The services from the PPC are grant funded up to and including the initial consult, the provision of resources, and the initial psychiatric evaluation. If separate follow ups were to occur, these would be processed through your insurance by the health system your local PPC is affiliated with.