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New Jersey Pediatric Telepsychiatry Initiative (NJPTI)

Offering 3 options of access for your patients convenience

1. Face-to-face: This visit is always an option with the Board certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (CAP) and it always the preferred method if convenient for everyone involved.

2. In the Pediatrician’s Office: The office will have all of the equipment and video software ready in a private exam room for the appointment.  The office staff will start the meeting for the patient with the Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (CAP) and then leave the room for the duration of the appointment.

3.  In the Patient Home:  Patients and families will be required to meet the below technical and environmental needs:

  • A well lit room
  • A private area to have an uninterrupted, confidential session
  • The correct equipment such as a device – mobile device, tablet, pc
  • Adequate WIFI, access to the Internet or cell service
  • Access to the video conferencing software the specific hub uses like Zoom, etc.  This may need to be downloaded as software or an APP and is always FREE.

Source: Call-In Consults the Answer to Severe Child Psychiatrist shortage? - Medscape - Jul 30, 2019.

All 9 New Jersey Network Hubs launched a telepsychiatry enhancement in Spring 2020. The telepsychiatry enhancement allows patients and families referred to the Hub by participating Hub physicians to access telepsychiatry services from their assigned Regional Hub. Telepsychiatry consults can be provided from the Hub to the patient in the referring physician’s office, or from the Hub directly to the patient home.

Click Here for a short video to overview how telehealth is offered in the current program as an alternative to in-person evaluations.

Active participation in a Network Hub is required for further registration in the telepsychiatry enhancement.

Providers who are not registered for their Hub must enroll before they can access these telepsychiatry services.   Already a member of your Hub? Email [email protected] to inquire about and enroll in telepsychiatry. Not a member of your Hub? Click Here to register and indicate that you would also like to enroll in telepsychiatry.  

Telepsychiatry Advantages:

  • Virtual psychiatric consultations expand access to quality mental health care
  • Guidance from Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists (CAP) for caring for your patients’ mental/behavioral health care needs in real time
  • Patient/family-centered approach for improved patient engagement, care coordination & clinical outcomes
  • Choices for your patients: accessible in pediatric offices or in the comfort of a patient’s own home


New Jersey Pediatric Telepsychiatry Initiative (NJPTI)

More about the regional Hub program:

The regional Hubs support pediatric clinicians in integrating mental/behavioral health and substance use screening, referral, and care coordination into their practices. The Hubs provide pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, pediatric clinicians, and family physicians who see a pediatric population with quick access to psychiatric consultation, and facilitate referrals for children/families in need of mental/behavioral health and substance use resources and support. Hub benefits include:

  • Timely Access to Psychiatry Consultation - for appropriate cases, the Hub Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (CAP) may see a child/adolescent for a one-time psychiatric evaluation at no charge to the patient.
  • Consultative Support to assist you with diagnostic clarification, medication management, and care coordination by a team of behavioral health professionals, including a child/adolescent psychiatrist.
  • Care Coordination to support patient/family engagement with appropriate community mental/behavioral health treatment services.
  • Continuous education opportunities to address common pediatric mental/behavioral health issues via monthly webinars and NJAAP’s Mental Health Virtual Learning Collaboratives, awarding CME credits and MOC part 2 points.  (anticipated Summer 2020)

Click Here to learn more about the Pediatric Psychiatry Collaborative, which you must be an active member of to access Telepsychiatry Services.

Already an Active member of your Regional Hub?  Email us at [email protected] to become part of our Telehealth Network or Click Here to complete a brief online Interest Survey.